Kindergarten FAQ

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Perrysburg Kindergarten Program - Frequently Asked Questions

• When will I be able to register?
Registration for 2020-2021 school year will open on Monday January 27, 2020 at 9 a.m. and will remain open throughout the 2020-2021 school year. 

• What is Kindergarten Round Up?
The Round Up is the day that parents/guardians AND students visit the administration building (140 E. Indiana Ave). Parents/guardians complete the enrollment process while students complete preliminary testing.  
• When may I select Half Day or Full Day?
At Kindergarten Round Up, the date and time for selection of half or full day placement will be provided. 

• What documents are needed for enrollment?
a. Student’s Birth Certificate
b. Proof of Residency
c. Immunizations
d. Parent’s/Guardian's ID
e. Custody Documentation (if applicable)

• How much does Full Day Kindergarten cost?
Full Day Kindergarten is currently $285 per month (1st month deposit is due in April 2020)

• Why is there a cost for full day kindergarten?
The Ohio Department of Education requires school districts to provide half day kindergarten at no cost. For a full day program, there are additional costs that are incurred and the tuition helps offset some of those costs.

• How is tuition paid?
It may be paid monthly ($285) or in a lump sum. (10% off if paid by August 30, 2020) 

• Are there any tuition stipends or reductions available? 
Yes, if a student (family) qualifies for free/reduced meals, there is a percentage reduction. Please contact the enrollment office for the application.

• What are the times for Half Day Kindergarten
The daily and delay schedules may be found at this link:

• What are the class sizes (ratios) for kindergarten?
For All Day – 25 students to 1 teacher and 1 part-time aide
Half Day – 20 students to 1 teacher

• Is there transportation for Half Day?

• How is a student’s school building determined?
According to district lines (please contact the enrollment office to confirm your child’s school if you are unsure)

• What is the required age (and cutoff date) for Kindergarten?
A student MUST be 5 years old by August 1, 2020 to enroll for the 2020-2021 school year

• Is there an Early Entrance option?
Yes, if you would like to have your student tested for early entrance into Kindergarten, please contact the enrollment office at (419) 874-9131 x2147.

• How many days a week is kindergarten program?
Classes are Monday-Friday.

• Does Perrysburg Schools offer before/after school programs?
No, please contact one of the local child care providers for assistance. Many of them pick up/drop off students to each of our schools.
• Does Perrysburg offer Open Enrollment?
For intra-district (moving from one school to another WITHIN Perrysburg School District) yes, there is an application process that you may begin with our enrollment department. For students who do NOT reside within Perrysburg School District, we do not offer Open Enrollment. 

• Do students wear uniforms? 
Perrysburg Schools does not require students to wear a uniform. We ask that students dress according to the weather.
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