Parent Safety Task Force

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Parent Safety Task Force

Our Mission
To share information and promulgate new ideas about school safety among the school district, local emergency services, city resources and families in order to ensure the highest level of education and understanding across the local school community.

Our Priorities
• Facilitate and grow communication from the school district to families and from families to the school district.
• Develop ongoing community partnerships.
• Encourage school safety training and education.
• Offer ideas, action and policy recommendations.

Our Team
The Parent Safety Task Force is composed of a parent representative from each school building:

2021-2022 Parent Safety Task Force Members
Ashley Mills—Ft. Meigs—[email protected]
Rachel Decker—Ft. Meigs—[email protected]
Kelley Ketcham—Frank—[email protected]
Jeremy Huston—Toth—[email protected]
Caroline Stark—Toth—[email protected]
Rahul Khupse—Woodland—[email protected]
Brooke Caterina Lowinski—Woodland—[email protected]
Michael Dockins—HPI—[email protected]
Laurie Avery—HPI—[email protected]
Scott Moskowitz—PJHS—[email protected]
Anastasia Wiley—PJHS—[email protected]
Mike Brandel—PJHS—[email protected]
Tina McDermot—PHS—[email protected]
Patrick Wise—PHS—[email protected]
Susan Baker—PHS—[email protected]
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