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Kindergarten Program FAQ

• What is the required age (and cutoff date) for Kindergarten?
 A student MUST be 5 years old by August 1, 2023, to enroll for the 2023-2024 school year.

When will I be able to register?
 Online registration through Final Forms for the 2023-2024 school year is ongoing and will remain open throughout the school year. The last day of school for students is May 23, 2023.


Registration for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year will open in late January and will remain open throughout the 2024-2025 school year. Please do not enter your KG student in Final Forms before registration opens for the future year.


• What is the difference between the half day and all day Kindergarten program?

Perrysburg Schools offers two choices for kindergarten: half day kindergarten or a tuition-based all day kindergarten program. Each offers programming that meets the state's academic and social standards for quality educational programming. Families may choose the program that meets their needs. Kindergarten progress is measured with the same assessments in both half day and all day kindergarten.

—Half Day Kindergarten (HDK) - AM Session is 9:05 - 11:50 a.m. PM Session is 12:50 - 3:35 p.m. Students receive instruction in math, reading, writing, social studies and science; participate in group and center time and participate in music, art, physical education and STEM class.

—All Day Kindergarten (ADK) - Hours are 9:05 a.m. - 3:35 p.m. Students receive an extended experience. Although the same kindergarten standards are taught, students have more time for participating in centers and group work and more time to develop social skills. Students have a half hour lunch and a half hour recess time.


• When may I select Half Day or All Day?

New families enrolling to the district after the 2023-24 school year has commenced will make their choice at their enrollment appointment (based on availability). When ADK is full, students will automatically be placed in the half day program.


Families who complete enrollment by March 10 for the 2023-24 school year will have the opportunity to request ADK placement for their child on March 13. Families enrolling after that date will be able to request the all day program if spots are still available. When ADK is full, students will automatically be placed in the half day program.

 • What documents are needed for enrollment?

 • How much does All Day Kindergarten cost?
 All Day Kindergarten is currently $285 per month.

 • Why is there a cost for All Day Kindergarten?
 The Ohio Department of Education requires school districts to provide half day kindergarten at no cost. For an all day program, there are additional costs that are incurred and the tuition helps offset some of those costs.

 • How is tuition paid? (Information is for 2022-23 & 2023-24 school years)

- Fee for entire year - $2,565.00.
- Required deposit of $285.00 confirms spot and pays for September.
- Eight payments of $285.00 to follow starting on October 1.
- Each payment is due by the 1st of each month for the month in which it is due,
 through May 1.
- Pay in full by August 31 and receive 5% discount – pay $2,436.75 (total for 2023/24 school year).
- Entire fee due for first student; additional kindergarten siblings in the all day program receive 10% discount - $2,308.50/each (or $2,193.08 if paid by August 31) .

 • Are there any tuition reductions available?
Families that qualify for Free/Reduced Meals based on income eligibility also qualify for a reduction in cost of ADK tuition. The discount is 50% off for families who qualify for reduced meals and 90% off for families who qualify for free meals. Families interested in ADK who think they may qualify should submit the application as soon as possible to be reviewed for approval. For more information about the Free/Reduced Meals program, please contact Director of Child Nutrition Services, Denise Zielske at [email protected] or 419-874-9131, ext. 2121. 

 • What are the times for Half Day Kindergarten
 The daily and delay schedules may be found at this link:

 • What are the class sizes (ratios) for kindergarten?
 All Day – 25 students to 1 teacher and 1 part-time aide
 Half Day – 20 students to 1 teacher

 • Is transportation provided for Kindergarten students?
 Perrysburg Schools Transportation Information 

All Perrysburg Schools students in Kindergarten (AM/PM/ADK)) through Grade 12 who live one mile or more from their school are eligible for transportation to and from school from their home address.


Walking Distance: All Perrysburg Schools students in Kindergarten (ADK Only) through Grade 12 who live within walking distance (One Mile) of their school are not eligible for transportation to and from school from their home address.


Half Day Kindergarten Mid-Day Exception for Walkers:

Half Day Kindergarten students who live within walking distance to their school are eligible to be bussed at Mid-Day Only:

AM Session, 9:05 - 11:50 am: Eligible to Ride Bus Home

PM Session, 12:50 - 3:35 pm: Eligible to Ride Bus to School


Alternate Transportation

Regardless of Transportation Eligibility, any parent/guardian may fill out an Alternate Transportation Form to request a student ride a Perrysburg School Bus to/from a daycare or childcare provider within the school's attendance area or to/from another parent/guardian's home in a Shared Parenting situation. This form must be filled out each school year and is subject to approval by the Transportation Department.


Daycare & Other Transportation Options
-Perrysburg YMCA offers onsite daycare at each Perrysburg Elementary School from 6:30 - 8:50 a.m. and 3:35 - 6:00 p.m.
 -Some local daycares may provide their own shuttle to take students to and from the daycare facility to the school. Check with individual providers for this option.


*Board policy 8600 regarding transportation can be found here:

 • How is a student’s school building determined?
 According to district lines. Please contact Patty Haar in the enrollment office at [email protected] to confirm your child’s school if you are unsure.

• How many days a week is kindergarten program?
 Classes are daily, Monday-Friday.

 • Does Perrysburg Schools offer before/after school programs?
 The YMCA provides onsite before and after school care at each of the elementary schools. Visit for more information.


Parents may also contact one of the local childcare providers for assistance. Many of them pick up/drop off students to each of our schools.


• Do students wear uniforms?
 Perrysburg Schools does not require students to wear a uniform. We ask that students dress according to the weather.

 • Does Perrysburg offer Open Enrollment?
 For students who do NOT reside within Perrysburg School District, we do not offer Open Enrollment.

• Is there an Early Entrance option for students who turn 5 after August 1st?

A student MUST be 5 years old by August 1, 2023, to enroll for the 2023-2024 school year. If your child does not meet that age requirement, you may request early entrance testing for your child. Testing is typically done at our central office by one of our school psychologists. There will be testing dates offered in April, May, June, and August. Once the completed application form and other documents - Birth Certificate, Custody (if applicable) and Proof of Residency are received, parents/guardians will be contacted to arrange a date for testing. Students who pass the assessment will be allowed to register for kindergarten. Parents/guardians of students who do not pass will be given the option to have them re-assessed later in the summer, if possible.


Please keep in mind that seats in the tuition-based all day kindergarten program are first made available to students who meet the kindergarten age requirement and spots do fill quickly. Families whose students are approved for early entrance will be able to request all day kindergarten at that time, but due to demand, classes may be full. However, families are guaranteed a spot in a half day program.


Very few children qualify for early entrance to kindergarten. Parents/guardians should proceed with childcare arrangements as a contingency. If you are selecting a preschool program, please be aware that those programs routinely fill up quickly. Register your child as you normally would, but let the Preschool office know that your child is being screened for early entrance to kindergarten.


Early Entrance to Kindergarten is considered a whole grade acceleration. The assessment is rigorous and is used to determine if your child is gifted to the extent that they could be accelerated to first grade. Typically, the evaluation considers academic, social, behavioral and developmental factors. Our Director of Gifted Education, Dr. Brian Billings, coordinates the testing and can provide parents with more information about the assessment itself. Dr. Billings can be contacted at [email protected] or 419-874-9131, ext. 2119.  


In order to be assessed, students must live within the Perrysburg Schools attendance area. Parents/guardians may request an assessment application on or after March 1st by contacting Patty Haar at [email protected].

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