Student Placement

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Student Placement

Schools are assigned based on the student’s home address. Our kindergarten classrooms are limited to 20 half-day students per class (25 full-day students per class). Because of this, some of our schools do get full. Your child’s name will be placed on a kindergarten list once the registration is complete.

Any students registering after their attendance area school is full will be assigned – or “capped out” – to another elementary school in our district. If this occurs, the student(s) will return to their home attendance area school the following school year.

Parents/guardians should note that each school is responsible for placing students who live within its boundary area and any capped out students from another building before placing students who may voluntarily come from another school within the district. Parents/guardians are welcome to request an Intra-District Open Enrollment Form from . This form must be applied for yearly between the dates of May 15 – June 4. If you are new to the school district, you must submit the Intra-District Open Enrollment Form within 5 days of registering your child. However, we cannot guarantee placement at a specific school and will not know if there is space at a requested school until the end of June. Please note that approval one year does not guarantee approval for the subsequent years.

  • A capped out student is a kindergarten student who lives in one school boundary area in the Perrysburg School District, but because the kindergarten classrooms (which are limited to 20 half-day students) are full at that building, is assigned to another elementary building in our district. Half-day kindergarten students who are capped out receive free transportation. (Because full day kindergarten is an optional program, open enrollment is available but transportation is not provided in that case.)
  • An Intra-District Student is a child who lives in one school boundary area in the Perrysburg School District, but requests to attend a school in another boundary area within the Perrysburg School District. Students who are approved for Intra-District placement do not receive transportation.
If you have any questions about cap outs or Intra-district Enrollment Forms, please contact Perry Harris III, Enrollment Consultant, 419-874-9131 ext. 2147 or
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