Fundraising Process

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Perrysburg Schools Process for All Fundraisers

All fundraisers for Perrysburg Schools must be approved in advance by the Board of Education. This includes but is not limited to sales, T-shirt sponsorships, restaurant nights, carnivals, booster activities, patron sales, etc.

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Definitions and Examples
Fundraiser Definition: It is considered a fundraiser if the intent is to raise money for your organization.

Examples of Fundraisers: Coupon Books, Patron Ads, Car Washes, Restaurant Nights, Promotional T-Shirts, Coin Wars, Walk-a-thons, Pie Sales, Movie Nights, Sucker Sales, Skate Nights, Ornament Sales, Book Fairs, Spirit Sales, Carnivals, Pancake Breakfasts, All Camps, Concessions

Examples of Events: Homecoming Dance*, Ball Games, Yearly Plays^, Prom*

Examples of Cost of Doing Business: Dues, Club T-Shirts, Memberships

*Homecoming Dance and Prom are considered events, but if you sell T-shirts to raise money for the dance, the T-shirt sale is a fundraiser.

^Yearly Plays are considered events, but if you sell patron ads, the patron ad sales are a fundraiser.
All outside fundraising agencies (this includes anyone soliciting businesses or individuals on behalf of Perrysburg Schools or its groups) must be identified and approved by Jeff Abke, Director of Development, prior to beginning fundraising.

This includes:
• Ad Sales
• T-Shirt Promotions
• Banners
• Etc.

If you have questions please contact Jeff Abke ’96, Director of Development, by phone at 419-874-9131 ext. 2274, or by email at [email protected].
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