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Perrysburg Schools’ CQ CommUNITY is a team of Perrysburg Schools employees representing a variety of backgrounds and experiences. The team is dedicated to fostering the cultural intelligence (CQ) and equitable practices of school district employees, students and the community. The CQ CommUNITY supports the school district mission by working to ensure that all students’ diverse experiences, backgrounds and talents are supported, valued and respected.

CQ Lens Newsletter

CQ Lens Newsletter - May 2021

This monthly newsletter provides a CQ lens on what is happening within our school district in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Recent and Ongoing Projects

Full Experience Fund
Each year there are hundreds of families in Perrysburg facing financial hardship. As a result, many students do not have the means to participate in the experiences that are such a large part of what it means to be a Yellow Jacket. With that in mind, the Perrysburg Schools Foundation, in partnership with the CQ CommUNITY, has created the Full Experience Fund.

Parent/Community Forums
These events focused on how the school district works to support and promote diversity within our schools and provided an open dialogue and opportunity to listen to students, parents, guardians and community members about their experiences.

Student Groups
HPI boys group and STRIDE (Students and Teachers Respectfully Inspiring Diversity through Education) Club
These groups were created to provide a variety of opportunities for students to engage with others who have similar interests and to create a community that celebrates diverse backgrounds and allows the exchange of ideas.

Ongoing Employee Education
Book Groups - Stamped from the Beginning, The Civically Engaged Classroom
Anti-racist Conversational Series

What is CQ?

Cultural Intelligence is NOT about being an expert on diversity. It IS about:
• Your awareness and knowledge of your own culture as well as other cultures
• Your ability to reflect on biases you may have about different cultures or populations of individuals
• Your interest and motivation to understand people different from yourself
• Your ability to relate and adapt in culturally diverse settings or experiences

The intent of the CQ CommUNITY is to:
• Provide support to all students with diverse talents, experiences and backgrounds;
• Educate and strengthen our staff members’ abilities, skills and understanding to support all students;
• Broaden our scope by ensuring a diverse representation of the school and community;
• Provide opportunities for community members to engage in activities that support the district’s mission; and
• Assist the district in recruiting and retaining a diverse staff of administrators, teachers and support personnel.


Dawn Burks, Co-Chair
[email protected]
Patrick Hall, Co-Chair
Jessica Molina, Co-Chair

CQ CommUNITY Team Members

Katie Bacon (HPI)
Liza Brown (HPI)
Emily Byrd (PREK)
Dawn Burks (HS)
Bethanie Cherry (HS)
Lyndsey Curson (HS)
Dave Dakolios (HS)
Ron DeGregorio (PHS)
Darryl Edge (FM)
Connie Gauthier (JH)
Meredith Gaynor (HS)
Andrea Glesser (CO)
Patrick Hall (HS)
Katie Halm (WO)
Christina Harper (HPI)
Perry Harris (CO)
Tom Hosler (CO)
Kellie Johnson (CO)
Sara Jones (CO)
Kristin Koester (PS)
Wade Kuns (PJHS)
Christin Lee (FM)
Bill Lingle (TO)
Kathy Mayfield (JH)
Jessica Molina (CO)
Janet Myers (WD/TO)
Jeff Pellerito (CO)
Nicole Percival (FR)
Jessi Pezzin (HS)
Cortney Rager (WO)
Cori Sanford (HPI)
Christina Schoen (HPI)
Angie Stanford (CO)
Hilary Steinmiller (TO)
Sara Stockwell (CO)
Brent Swartzmiller (CO)
Julia Whalen (HPI)
Kim Wiley (FM)
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