Pupil Services

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The Pupil Services Department supports students, families and staff in special education, 504 plans, school counseling programming and support, English Language Learners, nursing and health services, homeless, migrant and foster programming, cultural diversity and equity, home instruction, mental health supports and crisis planning.
Andrea Glesser, Director of Special Education - [email protected] - ext. 2123
Sara Stockwell, Director of Student Services & Well Being - [email protected] - ext. 2155
Kelli May, Assistant Director of Special Education (K-6) - [email protected] - ext. 2178
Jeff Pellerito, Assistant Director of Special Education (7-12) - [email protected] - ext. 2114
Angie Stanford, Department Secretary - [email protected] - ext. 2101

Stacey Bunker, School Psychologist - Junior High, Ft. Meigs - [email protected] - ext. 2117
Jenna Carroll, School Psychologist - Woodland, Toth, Penta - [email protected] - ext. 2129
Samantha DeWood, School Psychologist - High School, [email protected] - ext. 2116
Sara Jones, School Psychologist - Frank, Hull Prairie - [email protected] - ext. 2144 
Perrysburg Board of Education
140 E. Indiana Ave.
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

fax 419-872-8820


We believe that all students should be welcome members of a learning community. All students are part of their classrooms even if their abilities differ. Perrysburg teachers differentiate instruction; they provide interventions, accommodations and modifications in an effort to ensure all students can achieve their greatest potential within the least restrictive environment.

Child Find

Federal and State laws require school districts to evaluate children who have suspected disabilities. These laws affect all school-aged children educated within the Perrysburg school district boundary and all preschool children who live within the Perrysburg school district. If you have concerns about your child’s ability or skills, and suspect there may be a disability, please contact your child’s teacher, principal, or in the case of a preschool child, the office of special education at 419-874-9131.

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