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Perrysburg Schools Brand Guidelines

Use of the name and/or logos of Perrysburg Schools is prohibited without the specific permission of the Superintendent or Director of Communications. Any designs/orders (such as apparel, stationery, etc.) that includes “Perrysburg Schools,” any of our logos and/or colors must meet the guidelines outlined here. The Superintendent or Director of Communications must approve any new design or use of the district brand prior to finalization, including if text is added to a design including a logo. The name of the school district is “Perrysburg Schools” and not “The Perrysburg Schools.” No logos may be used other than the ones described here, including older versions of these logos.

School Colors
Vegas Gold
Process: C:12 M:11 Y:65, K:0
R:228 G:212 B:120
Hex Code: #E4D478
Spot: PMS 459 U or PMS 459 C

Process: K:100
R:0 G:0 B:0
Hex Code: #000000

Our academic logo is the “P”. There are four versions: the “P” alone, with “Perrysburg Schools” text stacked vertically, with "Perrysburg Schools" text stacked on the side of the "P" and in a horizontal format. Our school spirit logo is the Yellow Jacket. There are three versions of this logo available: Buzz, Buzz with “Yellow Jackets” text and Buzz with “Yellow Jackets” and “Perrysburg” text. All must appear with the Trademark symbol (™) as provided.
The “P” and “Yellow Jacket” logos are not to appear together without specific permission of the Superintendent or Director of Communications. The logos may not be stretched, distorted or modified, including changing the colors. Whitespace must appear around the entire logo equal to one-quarter of the total size of the image and the logo may not be closer to the edge of the page than one-quarter of the total size of the image. Black-and-white and one-color versions are also available for all logos.

Preferred Fonts
Rockwell Extra Bold, Arial and Times.

For questions or to request a one-time use logo file, please contact:
Rachel Zickar, Director of Communications, 
419-874-9131 ext. 2156 or [email protected]
Updated 03/17/17 
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