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Home School Policy

Perrysburg Schools encourages all students to participate in a sound pedagogical experience.  The Board recognizes its responsibility for assuring that every resident school-age child is enrolled in an approved school or is offered an equivalent education elsewhere and designates the Superintendent to act in its behalf.  A parent electing to home educate a child shall provide the Superintendent with annual written notification. The notification must include certain specific information and assurances concerning the home education program as set forth in State law, the State Department of Education Regulations, and AG 9270.
State law - ORC 3321.01

Notice of Intent to Home School

Each year by Sept. 1, a Notice of Intent to Home School should be submitted to the Superintendent of Perrysburg Schools.  A sample Notice of Intent to Home School can be found at the Ohio Department of Education website. 

Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities

A student who is educated at home is permitted to participate in any extracurricular activity offered in the school district to which the student would otherwise be assigned during the school year. If the District operates more than one (1) school that serves the student’s grade level (as determined by the student’s age and academic performance), the student shall be permitted to participate in the extracurricular activities at the school to which the student would be assigned by the Superintendent pursuant to R.C. 3319.01. If the student elects to participate in an extracurricular activity offered by the District, the student is not allowed to participate in that activity at another school or school district to which the student is not entitled to attend.
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