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College Application Information - Perrysburg High School

Steps to Completing a College Application

NOTE: Always allow 2 weeks for completion of tasks you ask others for – i.e. teacher letters of recommendation, counselor evaluations, etc.

1. Go to OR the college’s web site to find and complete an application (Perrysburg High School’s code is 364090).

2. Review application for ALL necessary components (each college should have their own “Application Checklist” or “Application Requirements” list)

a. Essays
b. Teacher letters of recommendation
c. Activities resume
d. Secondary School Report
e. Counselor recommendation
f. Application fees (fee waivers are available if you qualify)
g. Deadlines

3. If you are applying to a college with test scores and did not list the college on your ACT or SAT Registration, contact ACT or College Board (SAT) and have your scores sent to the college. Many schools require the scores to come directly from the testing center.

4. Take a draft of any essays you are submitting to an English teacher, your school counselor or Mrs. Czech.

5. Now, COMPLETE the application, make sure you pay the fee on-line if requested AND make sure you press the submit button. Check to see if you get an instant message or receipt that the on-line application was received.

6. Print out a hard copy of the application for your files. It is essential to keep organized throughout this process. A spreadsheet with all your applications and their respective requirements, due dates, etc. can be extremely helpful.

7. Request transcript:

  • Complete the Transcript/Letter of Recommendation Request Google Form and move the college to the "Applied" column in the My Colleges section of Scoir.
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