Fundraising Process

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Perrysburg Schools Process for All Fundraisers

1.     All fundraisers must be approved in advance by the Board of Education. This includes but is not limited to sales, T-shirt sponsorships, restaurant nights, carnivals, booster activities, patron sales, etc.
2.     Group Leader must complete the online form located at this link: by the1st of the month prior to the event date or the beginning of the activity.
3.     Upon approval, either the Treasurer’s Office or Development Office will supply you with the supporting documentation and expectations for reporting results.
4.     All cash and checks must be deposited within 24 hours of receipt.

All outside fundraising agencies (anyone soliciting businesses or individuals on behalf of Perrysburg Schools or its groups) must be identified and approved by Jeff Abke, Director of Development, prior to beginning fundraising.  This includes:
=      Ad sales
=      T-Shirt promotions
=      Banners
=      Etc.

Please contact Jeff Abke ’96, Director of Development, with questions. 419-874-9131 ext. 2274 or
Updated March 2018 
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