Parent/Guardian Role in an Emergency

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Parent/Guardian Role During an Emergency

The Perrysburg School District is committed to providing a safe environment for students, employees and visitors. We work closely with our local public safety officials – sheriff, police, fire and county emergency leaders – to ensure our schools are well-prepared for an emergency. Each building in the school district has an Emergency Operations Plan that guides employees and public safety partners in the event of an emergency. 
BEFORE AN EMERGENCY: (Prevention/Preparedness)
Keep your contact information updated in our student information system. You may do this by thoroughly reviewing your contact information annually at the start of each school year and notifying the secretaries of your child’s school right away if you have any changes throughout the school year. Please see Notification System for additional details. 
Report any safety issues, concerns or rumors to your school principal or police/sheriff.

Use the Safer Ohio School Tip Line - 844-723-3764. This is a free service that accepts calls and texts 24/7 and allows anyone to anonymously share information with school officials and law enforcement about threats to safety. Support security measures when visiting our schools by signing in and out at the school office and wearing a visitor’s badge at all times. 
DURING AN EMERGENCY: (Response Communication)
In a school emergency, the first instinct of many parents/guardians is to call or rush to their child’s school, however, the best action they can take in an emergency is to stay close to their phone and email to monitor school district communications for updates and instructions. STAY CLOSE to the telephone number you have provided as your contact information for school district updates through our automated notification system. Please note, you will only receive text messages if you have followed the instructions for our Notification System as mentioned above. 

DON’T come to your child’s school during emergency situations. The school access route and street entrance areas must remain clear for emergency vehicles.

AVOID calling the school or the district offices during the emergency. Please leave our lines open for emergency calls. 
Follow directions provided by the school district for reunification as needed.

Monitor your student’s behavior and let the school know if you think counseling or other help may be needed. Following a school crisis, specially-trained school district personnel are available to provide counseling and outside referrals to students, employees and others who may need it.

Perrysburg Schools will work as quickly as possible to restore normal school operations and will inform families of any changes.
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