The Jacket Way

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The Jacket Way

The PJHS Jacket Way Program is an essential part of the student experience at the junior high. The Jacket Way is formed within the parameters of Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and is implemented in all buildings within Perrysburg Schools. 

At PJHS we value the Three R’s of the Jacket Way; Respectful, Responsible and Ready. We also believe in creating a positive atmosphere for students in promoting desired positive behaviors. Our PJHS Staff reward students who display these positive behaviors using our Jacket Way Program and we attempt to emphasize the rewarding of students who consistently demonstrate those actions in representing the Jacket Way. 

Each year in August, we hold our Jacket Way Kickoff during the student lunches. This is our first Jacket Way ticket redemption day but the day also features music in the cafeteria and the principals playing trivia with the students at their tables. Students have the chance to earn prizes if they answered their trivia question correctly. 

The incentive program at PJHS is composed of three levels that include weekly, monthly and seasonal rewards. Students who demonstrate the consistent positive desired behaviors are rewarded with Jacket Way scratch off tickets. During the student lunches on Fridays students can redeem their Jacket Way ticket for the item revealed on the scratch off. Choices could include a food items such as candy or chips, a student pass such as first in the lunch line, free breakfast item from the cafeteria or an extra item at lunch, or a school store item that includes bracelets, pop-sockets, water bottles, sunglasses, posters and cell phone ID holder. 

This year, when redeeming Jacket Way tickets students have the option to decline their scratch off reward and replace it with raffle tickets in an attempt to win one of our seasonal prizes at one of the spirit assemblies throughout the year. One Jacket Way ticket equates to five raffle tickets and the week leading up to the spirit assembly students can enter their raffle tickets to have a chance to win a desired item.  In addition, three students who have earned a Jacket Way Ticket will be randomly selected to play Plinko with a chance to earn a gift card to a vendor of their choice. 

In addition to weekly and seasonal rewards we also select monthly Jacket Way Subway Lunch winners. We randomly select a student who redeemed at least one Jacket Way Ticket for a Subway lunch. Students receive a six inch sub, a side item and cookie. A student from each academic team is selected along with three staff members who have distributed Jacket Way tickets. 

We also select students for Students of the Month for academics and extracurriculars. Staff members nominate students who are excelling in either academics or their extracurriculars and our PJHS Jacket Way Committee selects the monthly winners. These students are spotlighted in a showcase in the lobby outside of the auditorium.  

A key component of the Jacket Way Program is the teaching of our desired behaviors. This is obtained through daily modeling with our staff and students but also through direct teaching sessions. The three principals go to every social studies class to teach the Jacket Way expectations which allowed the connection to all students in the building. 

The Jacket Way Committee creates lesson plans for Class Meetings which occur on a monthly basis. The Class Meetings focus on topics that are relevant to the students that emphasize the Jacket Way. 

We would like to thank the Junior High Parents Organization for another successful Color Run! Students participated in this event with the money raised going back into the Jacket Way Program. 

Thank you for all of your support of PJHS, your child and the Jacket Way. Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the Jacket Way Program. 

Monthly Subway Lunch Winners

 Congratulations to our monthly Jacket Way Subway lunch recipients! Thanks for following the Jacket Way!

Spring Spirit/Pep Assembly Fun

Wow, we had a blast at the Spring Spirit/Jacket Way Assembly on Friday, May 6! During the assembly, we recognized the accomplishments of our students and sports teams so far this school year! Students also had the opportunity to play Plinko and win prizes as part of the Jacket Way incentive program at PJHS!

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