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Perrysburg Schools News Article

Board of Education Levy Decision

Dear Perrysburg Schools Employees, Families and Key Communicators,

I hope this message finds you well and you are enjoying the summer. I am writing to update you on the recent discussion and decision made by the Board of Education yesterday. This decision will have a large impact on the future funding and operation of our school district.

Key Discussions and Decision

Perrysburg School’s 2019 incremental operating levy constitutes 17% of our annual budget and is set to expire on December 31, 2024. This year, the levy is 9.75 mills and will collect $13,542,652. Without this levy, the financial impact would be substantial, resulting in a loss of funding equivalent to the salaries of approximately 130 employees.

The Board sought to secure a transparent, predictable, and reliable funding stream that can become the cornerstone to the school district’s long term planning as well as addressing the needs of our growing student population today and in the future while protecting homeowners’ home values.

After careful consideration of several options, the Board of Education has chosen to place an 8-year, $2 million incremental replacement levy on the Tuesday, November 5, 2024 ballot, which would keep the amount collected today and increase annually to match student growth and needs. This proposed levy replaces a 5-year incremental levy at $1.5 million per year that was passed in 2019, which is expiring on December 31, 2024. 

This approach is designed to help ensure that we can continue to support our expanding student population with adequate resources, including teachers, support staff, buses, desks, and supplies. 

The additional funds will also be needed to cover the school district’s most urgent capital needs to accommodate additional students, including purchasing the trailers at the elementary and high school levels that will be needed over the next eight years. The school district will continue to maintain the function and safety of our aging facilities.

Financial Background

The school district’s financial forecast indicates that without the replacement of this levy, our school district would face significant deficits in the coming years, with a projected ending balance deficit of over $42 million by fiscal year 2028. The incremental levy is designed to provide a stable and predictable source of funding for our students.

Additionally, when our community grows, the millage required to collect the set level of funds decreases, which reduces the tax burden on individual residents. The 2019 incremental levy increased by 1.95 mills over five years instead of the initially projected 6.3 mills, demonstrating the impact of this funding method, even as the incremental levy increases each year. In other words, since the school district would be collecting a fixed dollar amount, more taxpayers would mean a lesser burden on individual taxpayers.

We are committed to transparency, fiscal responsibility, supporting our students, and protecting our community's investment in education. We also want to share that the projected cost to homeowners would be approximately + $4.20 per month for every $100,000 of assessed home value, growing by that rate each year, or less if the community continues to grow.

Next Steps

The Board has directed the Superintendent and Treasurer to proceed with the necessary steps to ensure the chosen levy type and amount are placed on the ballot and communicated effectively to our community.

Implications for the Community

It is crucial for all employees, families and community members to understand the impact of these decisions on our current programs and staffing levels. In the months ahead, we will be meeting with all stakeholders to provide information and answer questions. 

According to the National Board of Realtors: “A direct correlation exists between excellent schools and property values. This applies to every homeowner no matter what their age or if they have children at school.” 

We encourage employees, families and community members to stay informed, help communicate information and answer questions about this levy from fellow community members.

You may feel free to reach out to me, Treasurer Randy Drewyor, or members of the Board of Education with any questions. Thank you for your continued investment in our schools. Together, we will continue to ensure ALL students achieve their greatest potential.

Thomas L. Hosler
Perrysburg Schools

Posted Friday, June 28, 2024
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