Sixth Grade Camp

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Departure Information
August 23            (6Blue & 6Green)
September 6       (6Orange & 6Red)

8:30 am                 Arrive at HPI (Luggage will be loaded into a box truck.)
9:00 am                 Depart for Camp Michindoh
10:30 am               Arrive at Camp Michindoh

Return Information
August 26             (6Blue & 6Green)
September 9        (6Orange & 6Red)

12:30 pm                Arrive at HPI 

$225 per student (Make checks payable to Perrysburg Schools)
Click HERE for Camp Scholarship Information. Scholarship forms must be returned to the HPI office by Friday, May 27.
Payments are due on Friday, June 3, and can be turned into the HPI office.  

Camp Video

General Reminders
  1. Camp is optional. Students who do not participate in camp are expected to report to school.
  2. Click HERE to download a camp scholarship form. Students can also pick up a camp scholarship form from their science teacher. Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding the camp scholarship application process. 
  3. Teams will share camp pictures within two weeks after the students return from camp.
  4. Discipline - Students are expected to adhere to all school rules and the Perrysburg School’s Code of Conduct. In addition, students are expected to adhere to the rules established by the Camp Michindoh Outdoor Education Program. Students who fail to abide by the rules will be sent home at their parents' or guardians’ personal expense.

Camp Forms
  1. CAMP MICHINDOH Fall 2022
  2. Michindoh Health Form (Student).pdf
  3. Not Attending Camp Form
  4. Camp Michindoh Agreement Form
Camp FAQs

Is 6th-grade camp mandatory? 

6th-grade camp is optional. However, it is our belief that the 6th-grade camp offers a great opportunity for students to develop new skills, gain new knowledge and independence, and build upon their classroom experiences in a unique and challenging environment.

How was the cost of camp determined? 

Your child’s camp fee covers their room & board at Camp Michindoh, plus transportation (buses & box truck) and the chaperone costs (HS Students & HPI staff).

What activities are planned for the students during their stay at Camp Michindoh? 

A wide variety of classes and activities are planned to accomplish the educational and recreational goals set for our students. This will include inside and outdoor activities.

How are HS students selected to be cabin leaders? 

HS students go through a rigorous selection process to be selected for cabin leaders. This includes meeting certain expectations and gathering letters of recommendation.

Why do we not use parent volunteers for cabin leaders? 

Younger students look up to our HS students. Additionally, camp gives our HS students an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and give back to their community. 

Is Camp Michindoh a Christian-based camp? 

Yes. Their organization is comparable to the YMCA. When hosting schools, there are no religious components in their programming. However, students are asked to give a blessing or have a moment of silence at each meal. 

Are students able to carry their inhalers with them at Camp? 

Yes. However, families will need to complete the medication form for Camp Michindoh.

Does Camp Michindoh have a school nurse on-site?

Camp Michindoh has a nurse on-site.

Are students permitted to have electronic devices such as phones, smartwatches, eReaders, etc.? 

Students are not permitted to have phones, smartwatches, etc. Exceptions will be made for students who use their phones to 

help manage their diabetes. 

If there is a family emergency, who do I contact? 
Parents and guardians can either call Camp Michindoh (517-523-3617) or the HPI office (419-873-6293) to relay any messages to their child(ren) attending camp. 

Will I get a refund if my child is sent home? 
Families will not receive a refund if their child(ren) are sent home for bad or inappropriate behavior. 
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