Coca-Cola Gives Program

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We're teaming up with Coca-Cola Gives Program to earn money for our staff and students!

Coca-Cola Gives is your new destination for donating to your community--from local schools to cause partners--through your favorite beverages from The Coca-Cola Company. Your donation to any accredited K-12 school of your choice will result in a quarterly payment to be used to purchase supplies for your school. Give more happiness with your purchases from The Coca-Cola Company!

Just head to  to get started with Coca-Cola Give. You can then create an account by clicking on the little person in the upper right corner to sign up. Once your account is created, you can scroll down to DONATE TO YOUR LOCAL SCHOOL under the GIVE tab.  You’ll donate by signing in and choosing your local school. 

You will Donate by Collecting the Codes, which can be found on all Coke Products. You can find them on the cap of single bottles, on the 12/24 packs with the perforated openings, etc. They are found on all Coke Products from pop to water to lemonade etc. Here is the link to show you how much each code is worth:

To donate to Perrysburg High School, simply type our zip code for the school selection to populate. Once you start donating, you can also track your donation amounts so you can see how much you are helping!

You can also give back to your community with mobile scanning. To donate, select a PHS on your phone, tap SCAN NOW, and scan by taking a picture of the cap code.

Word of mouth is powerful in sharing the opportunity to raise funds for your local school with your community behind you. Anyone can help...Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, Neighbors! Even those who do not have kids in school can help!

Points can add up quick and it is super easy to enter the codes. Give it a try and let the points start adding up!
Don't want to enter the points but want to help us?? Just save the codes for us and bring them to school or contact us and we will set up a way to get them from you. We will have collection bins at school so you can easily drop them at the office and we will enter the points for you!
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