COVID-19 Tracing Weekly Update

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Perrysburg Schools

COVID-19 Tracing Weekly Update


Number of Student Cases


Number of Student Close Contacts


Number of Student Quarantines


Number of Employee Cases


Number of Employee Close Contacts


Number of Employee Quarantines


Under the direction of the Wood County Health Department, we are continuing to conduct contact tracing as necessary.


· Quarantined - 14 days is the length of time that anyone who has been in direct contact with someone who tests positive for the COVID-19 virus must quarantine as symptoms can start anywhere from 2 -14 days after exposure. The quarantine period starts on the last day the person was known to have had contact with a person who tests positive. The quarantine may end after 14 days only if the individual was symptom-free the entire time.

· Isolated - Individuals with symptoms who: were screened and are at home, had a positive test or have a probable diagnosis.

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