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Ellen Moser, Director, ext. 2700, [email protected]
Valerie Weber, Secretary, ext. 2701, [email protected]
Rick Gilts, Dispatcher, ext. 2702, [email protected]


Perrysburg Transportation
25715 Fort Meigs Rd.
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551

Did you know that during the 2015/2016 school year, Perrysburg school buses travelled 359,820 miles, safely transporting over 2,600 students to and from school safely each day?

Ohio Department of Education Pupil Transportation Management Policies (3301-83-08)
  • Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  • Pupils must wait in a location clear of traffic and away from the bus stops.
  • Behavior at the bus stop must not threaten life, limb or property of any individual.
  • Pupils must go directly to an available or assigned seat so the bus may safely resume motion.
  • Pupils must remain seated, keeping aisles and exits clear.
  • Pupils must observe classroom conduct and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  • Pupils must not use profane language.
  • Pupils must refrain from eating and drinking on the bus except as required for medical reasons.
  • Pupils must not use tobacco on the bus.
  • Pupils must not have alcohol or drugs in their possession on the bus except for prescription medication required for the student.
  • Pupils must not throw or pass objects on, from or into the bus.
  • Pupils may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps.
  • Pupils must board and depart the bus at locations to which they have been assigned unless they have parental and administrative authorization to do otherwise.
  • Pupils must not put head or arms out of the bus windows.
Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians
  • It is the parent's/guardian's responsibility to ensure their student's safety and well being at the bus stop before the bus arrives.
  • Parents/Guardians of students being transported by Perrysburg School District transportation should expect their children to be home any time after the last dismissal bell rings at their respective school building.
  • Parents/Guardians will be responsible for any damage done to a bus by their children and will be required to make restitution to the Perrysburg Board of Education.
  • All half-day kindergartners must have a parent, guardian or caregiver present and visible to the bus driver in order to be released from the midday bus. If no one is present and visible, the kindergartner will remain on the bus and return to their school building of attendance. The building secretary will contact the parent/guardian.
  • Any full day kindergarten student who is a single afternoon stop must have a parent, guardian or caregiver present and visible to the bus driver. If no one is present and visible, the student will remain on the bus and returned to their building of attendance. The building secretary will contact the parent/guardian. If no one is available at the building of attendance, the student will return to the Transportation Department. In the event that a parent or guardian cannot be reached, the local police department will be contacted and assume custody of the student.


2017-18 Bus Pickup Times & Locations
For corner stops, families are asked to choose the stop closest to their home. Half Day Kindergarten midday pickup and drop-off times will be emailed directly to families. Bus numbers for all routes will be posted online by noon on Friday, August 11. Please remember that during the first few days of school, we will be fine-tuning our routes so the buses could potentially run a little late. Families are asked to plan for children to arrive home within an hour after dismissal time. Drop-off times will become more consistent after the first few times we run the routes. We appreciate your patience as we do all we can to ensure our routes are efficient and that our students are transported safely.
Board Offices -140 East Indiana Ave. - Perrysburg, Ohio 43551 - 419·874·9131
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