Medication in School – Policy, Guidelines & Form

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Medication Policy

Before a student will be permitted to take medication during school hours or use a self-administer medication at school the following steps need to be followed:

  1. All student medication requests need to be on a Perrysburg District medication form and have a doctor's signature. Only medication that has to be given during school hours will be considered.
  2. Parents need to complete the Parent request form.
  3. A physician will need to complete the Licensed Prescriber's Statement form. (Both sides of form need to be filled out for EpiPen/Twinject medications.)
  4. When both the Parent request and the Licensed Prescriber forms are complete, please return them to the clinic.
  5. No medication will be given without a review of the paperwork by the District Head Nurse and the building Principal.
  6. Medication must be sent in its original prescription bottle with the student's name and exact dosage. All medication must be kept in the clinic locked cabinet. Self-administer inhalers and approved medication should be kept in an agreed location worked out between staff, the parent and the student.
  7. Medication needs to be brought to the clinic by the parent or guardian.
  8. Medications may not be sent to school in the student's lunch box, pocket or other means on or about his/her person.
  9. Student medication requests are good for the current school year and need to be resubmitted each new school year.
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