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Perrysburg Schools News Article

Perrysburg Schools Spotlight – October 2022 Edition

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Student Spotlight
Lola Koppitsch
6th Grade
Hull Prairie Intermediate School

girl smiling“Lola is a creative thinker who brings a unique perspective to classroom discussions. She is an excellent example of what it means to be a Yellow Jacket because she is kind, follows the Jacket Way and always gives 100%,” shared Jason Hunsinger, ELA Teacher, HPI.“Lola has a very diligent work ethic and is always ready to go above and beyond the set expectations. She is a wonderful role model to her peers and always makes sure that everyone around her feels welcomed and included. She also came up with the amazing idea to start a cheer club here at HPI!” shared Genna Zachrich, Math Teacher, HPI.

“Lola always pays attention to details in her work and has the courage to ask questions when she doesn't understand or needs clarification. She brings kindness to our classroom,” shared Marisa Ery, STEM Teacher, HPI.

“Lola is a very thoughtful and creative artist. Puts a lot of her attention to the details, which results in exciting finished products,” shared Ginger Bowerman Pacer, Visual Arts Teacher, HPI.

“Lola always has a smile on her face and is an outstanding classmate. Lola also is organized and takes pride in the work that she completes in class,” shared Danae Wedge, ELA Teacher, HPI.

We are so proud of you, Lola!

Employee Spotlight
Katie Williams
Frank Elementary School

woman smiling"Katie’s tactful behavioral strategies and poise under pressure continuously create a tranquil environment,” shared Mr. Lou Marconi, Principal, Frank Elementary School. “Students are able to fully express themselves and live-up to the 3R's when she's by their side. When she learns of a staff member's needs, she is quick to organize events or ideas to brighten their lives. In the past, she organized a school-wide World Down Syndrome Day and was an integral part in spreading joy during Kindness Week."“Katie is a ray of sunshine to all who meet her,” shared Heather Rodriguez, Third Grade Teacher at Frank Elementary School. “When you are in Katie's presence, you feel like the most important person ever. She is the unofficial cheer squad of Frank. She warmly greets all she meets, lends a helping hand. She has been a source of brightness in the ever-changing world we live in these days. Katie is always lifting the spirits of children and adults alike. Katie has spearheaded many kindness activities at Frank so that everyone feels they are part of Frank. Katie exudes kindness and respect wherever she goes.

“Katie is incredibly patient with students who may need a 100 tries with something instead of one or two. She always uses a kind, respectful voice to interact with them whether it is the first reminder or the thousandth reminder. She is the first to lead the way if a student needs it. She knows when to step aside and let them try. Katie is always ready to pick them up if they fall and she is the first to cheer for them. Katie is always available to help them feel confident in their abilities no matter how large or small the victory. She celebrates each child's uniqueness and brings out the best in them.”

Thank you for all you do for our students, Mrs. Williams!

Posted Monday, October 3, 2022
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