College Visits

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College Visits

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Trips and vacations are considered unexcused unless a pre-planned absence form has been completed and turned in
prior to the absence. With a PRE-PLANNED absence form completed, a student may make up and receive credit for
their schoolwork. (*See below regarding COLLEGE/CAREER VISITATIONS). The following criteria apply to all requests for
Pre-Planned Absences:

1. Pre-Planned Absence forms are available in the office or online ( click on Parents,
then Pre-Planned Absence Form) and must be submitted to the office for administrative approval at least five (5)
school days prior to the scheduled absence. A counselor’s signature may be required for certain college visit
requests prior to submission to the office for administrative approval.
2. The student takes the Pre-planned Absence form home for Parent/Student signatures.
3. After the signatures are obtained, the form should be circulated to each teacher for their signature and to secure
4. Prior to the absence, it will be the student’s responsibility to return the completed Pre-Planned Absence Form to
the Office and to make arrangements for make-up work and/or tests missed.
5. Upon return to school, homework assignments will be due the first day back to school. Arrangements to make up
tests must be made by the pupil by the second day he/she returns to school. Teachers will not be expected to
tutor individual students.
6. Failure to do all work and/or tests/projects in the prescribed period of time may result in “0” credit to be computed
in the pupil’s current grading period average.
7. PPA’s will not be approved if it puts the student in jeopardy of attendance consequences.


In addition to the above Pre-Planned absence requirements the following criteria also apply:
A total of four (4) college visitations days and two (2) career visitations are permitted beginning the second semester
sophomore (previously was just junior and senior years) year through senior year. In addition to the above Pre-Planned
absence requirements the following criteria also apply:

A) Students need to pick up a College/Career Visitation Verification form from either the Main or Counseling offices,
in addition to the Pre-Planned Absence form.
B) While on the college visit, the College/Career Visitation Verification form must be completed. This verification form
must be returned to the Main office within five (5) school days of the visit. At this time the “unexcused “ absence
will be adjusted.
Failure to follow these procedures will result in an unexcused absence and/or truancy. 
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