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Perrysburg Schools Spotlight – July 2022 Edition
We hope you enjoy our monthly eNewsletter, spotlighting excellence in our students and employees!

Student Spotlight
Bryson Feeback
Fourth Grader
Woodland Elementary School

Boy smilingBryson Feeback is a fourth grader at Woodland Elementary School who truly shined this past school year, both academically and as an example of a Jacket Way leader. “Bryson’s confidence in himself has grown tremendously, and he takes pride in his work,” shared Sarah Mercer, Third Grade Teacher, Woodland Elementary School. “He is an honest, caring student who contributed to making our classroom a fun and positive place to be. Bryson was recognized as the Quarter 2 Jacket Way Winner in his class for showing respect, responsibility and readiness every day!”“Bryson shows kindness and caring each and every day,” shared Nikki Ohms, School Counselor, Woodland Elementary School. “We are so proud of him!”

Bryson has an awesome sense of humor and a way of bringing joy and light to every situation. Outside of school, Bryson loves spending time with his friends and swimming on warm summer days. He is also very active in sports and particularly loves playing football.

We are happy to have you at Woodland, Bryson!

Employee Spotlight
Lisa Caswell
Math Teacher
Hull Prairie Intermediate School

Woman smiling"Lisa Caswell is an absolute asset to Perrysburg Schools,” shared Sam Piotrowicz on behalf of their team at HPI. “She consistently goes above and beyond for both her students and her colleagues. Spearheading the Purple Star Award application is just one example of how she leads inside and outside of the classroom. She has a kind heart and a devotion to teaching and learning that is unmatched. We are lucky that she shares her immense talents on our team every day.""Lisa Caswell is student-centered and an incredible teacher," shared Principal Scott Best.

Thank you, Lisa!