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Threat Investigated at Woodland Elementary School
Good Afternoon Families and Employees,

This afternoon, a teacher received a report from a student indicating that the student saw a man walking by the parent pick up/drop off circle from Woodland Park to White Rd. with something that may have resembled a weapon. The building was placed on lockdown and Perrysburg City Police Division and Perrysburg Township Police immediately responded to the 911 call. While the police secured the area and entered the building, district staff pulled video footage from that side of the building. The police indicated that there was no immediate threat and the district video footage as well as Perrysburg City Police drone video confirmed that an elderly man was walking on the sidewalk with what appeared to be a folding chair or some other type of equipment slung over his shoulder.

We are very grateful that this student observed this and reported the concern to a staff member. The account that the student provided described the gentleman including the color of the man’s hat and jacket. This is to be commended. We are grateful to the Perrysburg City and Township Police for their immediate response and professionalism. Also, we are grateful to the entire Woodland team for their response.

While this situation turned out to not be a credible threat, we encourage staff and families to continue to encourage students to follow “if you see something, say something” when confronted with troubling information. Perrysburg Schools takes any and all threats seriously.

Dr. Michael Salwiesz
Woodland Elementary School