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Anthony Wayne Local Schools and Perrysburg Schools Lacrosse Statement
Families and Community Members,
This letter is to inform you of the resolution of the investigation related to the Thursday, April 28 Anthony Wayne vs. Perrysburg lacrosse game, during which a Perrysburg athlete reported an Anthony Wayne athlete used a racial slur against him.
Immediately following the incident, a collaborative investigation was initiated by our athletic directors and other administrative personnel, in conjunction with the NLL. This included reviewing the game film, interviewing players and gathering statements from game officials. It has been determined that there is insufficient evidence to substantiate the alleged incident.
In regards to the resolution of the game, we must follow the National Federation of High Schools Lacrosse Rules as it applies to this situation under Rule 3, Section 6 and per OHSAA guidance. Since the Perrysburg team left the game before its conclusion and the game was not suspended by the game officials, Perrysburg must forfeit the game and the score will be recorded as Anthony Wayne 1, Perrysburg 0. 
We are sensitive to the fact that this leaves our students and communities without a clear understanding of what happened and with more questions than conclusive answers. This can lead to speculation, misinterpretation and misinformation being shared. We ask that, out of respect for the minors involved, we begin to move forward to improve sportsmanship, foster a climate of inclusivity and rebuild the spirit of friendly athletic rivalry. On Friday, June 10, Perrysburg and Anthony Wayne Schools will host an initial meeting for area schools, public and private, that will include student athlete leaders, athletic directors, principals and superintendents to begin an ongoing dialogue about how the greater athletic community can address how to better communicate and collaborate moving forward.
Participation in athletics provides student-athletes with opportunities to learn self-discipline, teamwork and responsibility, but our schools are not immune to the challenges of our greater community and the issues facing our world. We know there is still work to be done and it is critical that we focus our energies toward building a culture of equity and inclusivity, empathy and understanding, respect and integrity.
Dr. Jim Fritz
Anthony Wayne Local Schools
 Thomas L. Hosler
Perrysburg Schools
Dr. Kevin Pfefferle
Anthony Wayne High School
Aaron Cookson
Perrysburg High School
John Snyder
Assistant Principal/
Athletic Director
Anthony Wayne 
High School
Chuck Jaco
Athletic Director
Perrysburg High School