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Statement re: State Superintendent Search
Following please find a statement from Mr. Thomas L. Hosler, Superintendent, Perrysburg Schools, about the state superintendent search process.

I would like to thank the State Board of Education, the other applicants and the Ohio Department of Education support staff members, especially Ms. Cedar Well, Executive Director of Human Resources serving both the Ohio State Schools of the Blind and Deaf who supported the search process.

I offer my congratulations to Mr. Steve Dackin and wish him success as Ohio’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction.

I learned so much throughout this process and I appreciate the time and resources devoted to it. We have many challenges ahead in education, here in Perrysburg and across Ohio, and I plan to continue to do everything I can to ensure all students achieve their greatest potential.

The decision to apply for the State’s Superintendent position was one of the most difficult that I have made in my professional career. It is the only position that I have applied for since I was named Superintendent of Perrysburg Schools over 15 years ago. I applied because I felt the state is at an important crossroads with unprecedented challenges facing the children in Ohio and that I could provide the leadership to ensure all students in Ohio achieve their greatest potential. I am grateful that I had this opportunity.

In my role as Superintendent of Perrysburg Schools and as an educational advocate throughout Ohio, my greatest joy throughout this process was having an opportunity to speak with people from across the state and hear the respect and admiration they have for Perrysburg Schools and its faculty, staff members, students and administrators. I am so proud to be a member of this team.

I would like to thank those members of the Perrysburg School Board who were patient throughout this process and offered me their support. I also want to thank the administrative team, central office staff members and all Perrysburg Schools employees who have also been patient and supportive.