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Perrysburg Schools Spotlight – March 2022 Edition
We hope you enjoy our monthly eNewsletter, spotlighting excellence in our students and employees!
Student Spotlight
Hunter Gauld
4th Grade
Frank Elementary School
student smilingHunter Gauld, a 4th grade student at Frank Elementary School, is a great role model for his classmates and younger students in the school. Hunter can persevere through difficult situations. He often thinks outside of the box to solve problems and help his peers. Hunter is friendly and inclusive with ALL of his classmates. He takes initiative to help other students who learn differently from him and takes them under his wing to help support them not only as a peer, but also as a friend. Hunter exemplifies the whole meaning of inclusion within the classroom. Hunter is very active outside of the school and participates in many sports. He shows great teamwork, not only in the classroom but on the field as well.
We are happy to have you at Frank Elementary School, Hunter!

Employee Spotlight
Curtis Klotz
Music Teacher
Woodland Elementary School
teacher smilingCurtis Klotz, Music Teacher at Woodland Elementary School, is a calm and positive presence throughout the Woodland school community. “He is friendly and polite and goes out of his way to help everyone, which is one of many reasons he is loved by students and staff members alike,” shared Julie Roe, Second Grade Teacher. Woodland Elementary School. “Mr. Klotz is willing to help out whenever he is needed. He shows his passion for music in all he does for the students inside and outside the classroom. I hear all the time from students that music is one of their favorite classes! He is a great role model for all of our students!”
“Mr. Klotz has a genuine passion and energy for music and shares that excitement with students daily,” shared Emily Keller, Secretary, Woodland Elementary School. “He has a unique way of making music accessible to everyone. Every child readily participates in his class, and he encourages authenticity and risk-taking to bring out the very best in each child.”
“On the outside, Mr. Klotz is quiet and unassuming. But in his classroom, he is showing our students how to rock out to our school song, 'We are Jackets!' His spin on 'We will Rock You' teaches The Jacket Way in an upbeat and undeniably fun manner,” shared Jennifer L. Marlowe, Reading Specialist, Woodland Elementary School.
Thank you for all you do for our students, Mr. Klotz!