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Letter from Area Superintendents

Dear Community Members,  

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, school systems across our country, state and county have taken steps to help control the spread of the virus.  Our shared goal has been to keep our students in school while ensuring the safety of our children, staff, and communities. We recognize the best way to accomplish this goal is to have multiple measures in place such as vaccination, proper ventilation, frequent sanitation of hands and high touch surfaces, social distancing, and masking.  Together, these layered mitigation strategies make a difference, especially during times of high spread in our communities.

As superintendents, we rely on the guidance of state and local health officials and professionals, as well as state and national experts for their advice in addition to constantly examining our own internal data.  We realize how difficult it is for families who have a child, especially an elementary-aged student, who has to isolate or quarantine.  Based on our data, after having excluded/quarantined thousands of students, we know how unlikely it is that a student quarantining due to a COVID 19 school exposure develops into a COVID positive case. Thus, we will adjust our COVID 19 protocols beginning Tuesday, September 7, 2021.  

Beginning on September 7th, if a child is exposed to the virus, but that child is vaccinated and/or if the child is wearing a mask in a mask-required environment during the exposure, that child should not need to be excluded from school.  These same exclusion practices will be in place when students are on the bus.  Practically speaking, during the school day, the risk of exposure will primarily be at lunch if students are unmasked and within 3 feet for 15 or more minutes.  If this is the case, those within 3 feet of the positive student will still be excluded since it was an unmasked environment.  With regard to exclusions related to athletics, there are no changes at this time. It is also important to note, we will continue to follow Ohio Revised Code, and should the Toledo Lucas County Health Department determine that more individuals should be quarantined as a result of their requirements they will contact those individuals.

We appreciate the support, patience, and understanding our community members have shown throughout the pandemic.  We have remained committed to following the data and this shift is an adjustment that supports our goal of keeping our students in school and supporting the continuity of instruction.  We all continue to look forward to the day when the pandemic is behind us and together we will get there.  

Jim Fritz - Anthony Wayne Schools        Todd Cramer - Maumee City Schools

Hal Gregory - Oregon City Schools        Adam Fineske - Ottawa Hills Schools

Tom Hosler - Perrysburg Schools        Dan Creps - Rossford Schools

Matt Geha - Springfield Local Schools        Veronica Motley - Sylvania Schools

Kadee Anstadt- Washington Local Schools    Sandra Frisch - ESC of Lake Erie West