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Debbie Reddick earns Perrysburg Schools Shining Star Award
Congratulations to Debbie Reddick, RN, who has been named Perrysburg Schools’ Spring 2021 Shining Star Award Recipient. She is the school district’s Health Aide Supervisor. The award is presented only twice annually to an employee who is nominated by his/her colleagues as a Shining Star of our school district. A panel representing a cross-section of the district chooses the award recipient from a pool of nominees. The Griffioen Insurance Agency also recognized her with a gift certificate.
Debbie Reddick’s colleagues submitted the following nominations:
"Debbie is an amazing asset to our district. It absolutely goes without saying that she has been a leader for all students and staff during this time of uncertainty. She is never caught taking a break from her responsibilities, even when encouraged to take one! She provides so much more than just the primary health professional contact for the high school during the pandemic, but also friendly coworker and student caretaker; accepting ALL of the responsibilities that go along with that. It's her genuinely generous nature and her unwavering dedication to serving others that evidences she is surely worth of the Shining Star Award and recognition."
Alana Sigg
"Debbie has gone beyond her required duties to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff during this pandemic. She has assisted with contract tracing, worked with the Wood County Health Department, kept staff up-to-date with the constantly changing guidelines, and helped with the district Vaccine clinics. Theses tasked were completed along with taking care of the health needs of the HS staff and students, supporting Health Aides at all buildings, training two new Health Aides and orienting new staff."
Laurie Barteck