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Perrysburg Schools Spotlight – June 2021 Edition

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Student Spotlight
Turtle Arts and Crafts
Zach Meyer, Jude Chamberlain, Nathan Wittes and Quinn Vail
four students at a table with craftsTurtle Arts and Crafts was founded last school year at Hull Prairie Intermediate School by then 5th grader, Jude Chamberlain. Jude has a passion for the species and approached STEM Teacher Julia Whalen about using the 3D printers and laser cutter to manufacture products to sell to students. He and others would also be making pom-poms and other crafts to sell. A portion of the proceeds would go to Save-a-turtle.org. The pandemic school year did not deter Jude or the other TAC members from raising money to help the endangered turtles. Jude, Zach Meyer, Quinn Vail and Nathan Wittes worked at home creating products and promotional signage. With the help of Jeff Abke, Perrysburg Schools Director of Development, they created an online platform to still sell their products. As school returned to 5 days a week in-person, they started selling their products before school on Tuesday mornings.
“Jude, Zach, Nathan and Quinn are great examples of following the Jacket Way and pursuing their passions,” shared Julia Whalen, HPI STEM Teacher. “The respect they show staff members and students when dealing with the sales, the responsibility to come to school early and the readiness to think of others before themselves are commendable.”
We’re so proud of you!
Photo (L to R): Zach Meyer, Jude Chamberlain, Nathan Wittes and Quinn Vail
Employee Spotlight
Amy Whitacre
1st Grade Teacher
Toth Elementary School
headshotMrs. Amy Whitacre has been an invaluable member of the Toth Elementary School Staff and truly represents the excellence for which Perrysburg Schools are known. Her 30 year career (27 of these years being at Toth Elementary) is filled with numerous accomplishments (such as the Munger Outstanding Teacher Award) and hundreds of lives that have been impacted because of her love for teaching! An active member in the community, Mrs. Whitacre has built relationships with countless families as she has expanded her role by volunteering her time to serve many outside activities and programs, including:
  • Teacher for the Safety Town Program
  • Co-Chair of the Toth Carnival and Walk-A-Palooza - Organizing 19 carnivals
  • Serving on multiple school/district committees, including the Building Leadership Team (BLT), the ELA Committee, the Standards-Based Reporting Committee and the OLWEUS Committee
  • Co-Chairs the Respect and Responsibility Room
“Mrs. Whitacre is a true role model for her students,” shared Hilary Steinmiller, Toth Elementary School Principal. “She leads by example to show her students that learning is a life-long journey that will continue even when they are out of school.”
Congratulations on your retirement, Mrs. Whitacre!

Posted Tuesday, June 1, 2021
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