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The Jacket Report: A Monthly Column

February 2020 - Mental Health Programming

Mental health services are a critical component of our school programming.

January 2020 - Weather-Related Decisions

As temperatures begin to fall, we would like to review our weather-related decision-making process in regards to the delay or cancelation of school.

December 2019 - Family & Employee Notification System

Perrysburg Schools utilizes SchoolMessenger to send news, updates and emergency communications to families and employees via email, phone and/or text message.

November 2019 - Snow Removal Plan

With the arrival of our first winter weather of the season, we would like to share a little information about our protocol for snow removal throughout the school district.

September 2019 - School Safety

At Perrysburg Schools, we understand that crisis response is not prevention. There is so much that can be done before a threat shows up at our door.

August 2019 - Student Health Services Department

The mission of Perrysburg Schools’ Health Services Department is to provide students and employees with a safe and healthy setting in which to learn and work, and to promote health and healthy decision-making skills for the individual, with the ultimate goal of a healthy community.

June 2019 - Bus Fleet Management Software improves Operations

Perrysburg Schools has added software and GPS systems to its busses to help manage all aspects of the bus fleet.

May 2019 - Supporting Families

mailto:[email protected]We began a “Basic Needs Shop” at Woodland Elementary School this school year, where teachers may take items for a for a family in need and discreetly place them in a student’s backpack as needed, such as snacks, toiletry items and gently used outwear.

April 2019 - The Jacket Way at Perrysburg Junior High School

The Jacket Way at Perrysburg Junior High School is key to building positive climate and culture for students and employees.

March 2019 - Supporting Students Who Make Mistakes

At Perrysburg Schools, we have evolved to a shared vision of expectations for students and adults from preschool to grade 12 called The Jacket Way.

February 2019 - School Counseling

School counselors are valued and respected members of our educational community. Their goal is for students to thrive academically, emotionally and socially. They believe each student is valuable and unique and they continually strive to be a positive, caring and reliable support in each student’s life.

January 2019 - Named Classroom Grants through Perrysburg Schools Foundation

Perrysburg School Foundation (PSF) works with donors on a range of ways they can make a difference for our students. Whether an organization or individual, we sit down together and discuss what makes sense for them and where their passion lies.

December 2018 - Ohio’s Pathways for a High School Diploma

The Ohio Department of Education has developed Ohio’s Pathways for a High School Diploma, which involves, in addition to passing all 21 required credits, other criteria that students must meet to earn a high school diploma.

October 2018 - Transition Program at Perrysburg High School

Three years ago, Perrysburg Schools began a partnership with Venture Bound to implement a systematic transition program at Perrysburg High School. The goal of the partnership was to provide direct instruction and experiential learning opportunities to students with barriers to independent competitive employment.

September 2018 - Cyber Crime Awareness for Families

Across the country, news reports have indicated a greater number of incidents involving minors creating, transmitting or possessing illegal information using their personal cell phones, and we are no exception. 

August 2018 - What Happens Over the Summer?

From physical education classes, community facility use, planning menus, hiring, strategic planning and registration of new students, there is no shortage of excitement in our school district over the summer. Maintenance, custodial and grounds are no exception. There are a range of activities taking place, from replacement and repair projects to deep cleaning and preventative maintenance.

June 2018 - Portrait of a Perrysburg Graduate

Perrysburg School District, along with parents, guardians, community members, representatives from higher education institutions and local business leaders, is developing a Portrait of a Perrysburg Graduate. This school year, a group of twenty-five individuals have come together to develop a list of the most important skills our students should demonstrate upon graduation.

April 2018 - Safety, Security and Threat Assessment Training Day

Perrysburg Schools has decided that it is in everyone's best interest to convert Tuesday, May 8, 2018 to a Safety, Security and Threat Assessment Training Day for all employees and not to be in session for students.

March 2018 - Diverse Learners - Building a Culture that embraces ALL

Focusing on “diverse learners” is committing to building a culture where everyone feels safe and respected.

February 2018 - Physical Education - Embracing All Forms of Movement

As a Physical Education teacher, my challenge is to cultivate lifelong movers. My strategy is to ensure every student has the opportunity to find something that they are passionate about that they want continue on their own. 

January 2018 - Simplifying Planning for College

Throughout the last several years, my number one goal has been to make sure that students and families going through the college application process know that they are not alone.

December 2017 - School Lunches fuel Learning

Our Child Nutrition Services Department works hard every day to make sure students have several healthy choices, and to encourage them to try new things. It's important that students get a nutritional meal and be able to concentrate at school – food equals brainpower!

November 2017 - Shaping Clay, Shaping Lives

Art and creativity are important in education because they give students an outlet for expression where they are able to foster creative thought and develop problem-solving skills. 

October 2017 - Weather-Related Decisions

As temperatures begin to fall, we would like to review our weather-related decision-making process in regards to the delay or cancelation of school.

September 2017 - The Jacket Way

Students throughout the Perrysburg School District are learning common expectations based on the three R’s of the Jacket Way: Respectful, Responsible and Ready.

August 2017 - PHS Philanthropy Club

The goal of PHS Philanthropy Club is to provide students with an understanding and appreciation for the meaning and importance of philanthropy and the power of giving in the nonprofit sector through a combination of club meetings, outside philanthropic speakers and projects.

July 2017 - School Safety

We are fortunate here in Perrysburg to have such a safe community, but we also understand that we should not take that for granted. Perrysburg School District makes the safety of our students and employees a priority.

June 2017 - High Performance at a Competitive Rate

Imagine if the school year ended and grade cards were not issued until sometime in the first quarter of the following school year. What if some of the final grades were based on a formula that the school did not share? What if the final exams for the year were given a month and a half before the end of the course? If any of these questions left you shaking your head, welcome to some of the challenges that we have with State Report Cards.

May 2017 - Social Media and Perrysburg Schools

“I saw it on Facebook…” Depending on what follows that statement can bring pure joy or horror. If it is pictures of someone’s new baby, graduation photos or a family announcement, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms are a perfect vehicle. However, these powerful tools can also be quite troublesome. In the school world, we are painfully aware of how students can misuse social media and we work with students to educate them on being responsible citizens on social media and the all too real consequences when they are not responsible.

April 2017 - Student Growth & State Funding in Perrysburg Schools

With all the new construction in the area and the new students that it brings to the schools, a question that we often hear is: “With all those new students, aren’t the schools getting more state money?” After all, of districts that have 4,500 or more students, Perrysburg Schools is the 4th fastest growing district in the state over the last 5 years. Consider that in just 10 years, Perrysburg Schools has grown from 4,522 to 5,159 students. That means that we have added 637 students in the last decade. To put it in perspective, we have added the equivalent of one elementary school to our school district – Woodland Elementary has exactly 637 students today.

March 2017 - Blended Learning in Perrysburg Schools

Blended learning as a concept is as old as a class writing to pen pals to learn more about another culture or bringing in classroom pet fish to help learn about biology, but with how much technology has advanced, opportunities for blended learning have expanded significantly.

February 2017 - State Funding Formula & Perrysburg Schools

Ohio public school districts receive funding from the federal, state and local governments. Federal funding is primarily focused on addressing a specific issue, such as reading achievement. The State of Ohio applies a formula to each public school district to determine its funding level.
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