Permanent Improvement Levy Renewal 2015

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Permanent Improvement Levy Renewal

On November 3, 2015, Perrysburg School District voters approved a 1.9-mill, five-year permanent improvement levy renewal. Perrysburg Schools first passed a permanent improvement levy in 1980 and has renewed it every five years since then. Following please find some background information you may find helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Superintendent Thomas L. Hosler at 419-874-9131 ext. 2103 or [email protected].

Proposed Major Permanent Improvement Projects 2016-2020

High School—Security vestibule/cameras, gym repairs, outdoor track facilities development, insulation, sealcoating, floor scrubber and instrument replacement

Jr. High School—Security vestibule/cameras, roof replacement, public address system, sealcoating, floor scrubber, instructional and performance area renovations, instrument replacement and athletic complex: irrigation system, stadium seating and press box

Commodore Building—Auditorium windows and blinds, boiler, roof, security cameras, parking lot and sealcoating

Maintenance/Grounds—Replace 6 plows/trucks, concrete/catch basin repairs, roofing preventative maintenance, sealcoating, HVAC repairs, district flooring, district furniture and contingency

Ft. Meigs Elementary—Security cameras, replace locks and door handles, clocking system, cafeteria tables, gutters/downspouts, stage curtains, sealcoating, floor scrubber and instrument replacement

Frank Elementary—Heating system, roof replacements, security cameras, PA system, playground renovation, sealcoating and instrument replacement

Toth Elementary—Roof replacement, security cameras, windows, parking lot replacement, sealcoating, floor scrubber and instrument replacement

Woodland Elementary—Replace roofs, drains, PA system, security cameras, sealcoating and instrument replacement

Transportation—10 busses at 2 per year, garage doors and openers, HVAC, security cameras and sealcoating
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