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Hardware Support
Dear K-12 Families,

The Perrysburg Technology Department is committed to providing the best possible experience during this uncertain time. Please see below for guidance regarding technical issues, communication paths, troubleshooting and reporting.

1. If you are having an issue with a web site or activity that has been assigned, please contact your classroom teacher either through ClassTag (K-4th grade), Schoology (5th - 12th grade) or direct email (click here for searchable directory).

2. If you are initially unable to make a connection, and prior to submitting a support ticket, please restart your router and/or wireless networking equipment as well as your school-issued device. You may need to contact your Internet service provider in order to connect a new device to your home network.

3. Please check our department page at: We will provide resources and information to assist you with troubleshooting the most common issues. This will continue to be updated as new issues may present themselves.

If you are still experiencing a hardware or connectivity issue with a school-issued device, please click the link below to submit a support request. In an effort to provide consistent service, please do not send emails to individual technology staff members at this time.

If you are having a persistent issue with connecting to your home Internet service provider with a school device, our staff members will do everything we can to provide a resolution. As part of the troubleshooting process, we may request that you contact your Internet Service Provider.

If a problem cannot be addressed remotely, we may ask that you schedule a time for a staff technician to repair or, if necessary, temporarily replace the device. If another Internet-capable device is present in the house, please feel free to utilize that equipment while your request is processed and addressed.

Brent Shafer
Director of Technology
Perrysburg Schools