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Perrysburg Schools Spotlight – October 2019 Edition

Perrysburg Schools Spotlight 
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Program Spotlight
ROX Program

ROX, which stands for Ruling Our Experiences,  is an evidence-based program that is being rolled out at Hull Prairie Intermediate School and Perrysburg Junior High School this year that focuses on empowerment and confidence for young girls. The idea behind this program is to empower the participants to feel confident and knowledgeable in navigating the topics that impact young girls today. Through lessons, activities and reflection, they will focus on developing healthy relationships, managing stress and pressure, building a healthy body image, navigating social media, using their voice to communicate appropriately and confidently, staying safe and defending themselves and becoming leaders in their community.

“I am proud of our staff for recognizing the need for this program, and for their willingness to volunteer their time to implement a potentially life-changing program for our girls!” shared Sara Stockwell, Ed.S., Director of Student Services and Well-Being, Perrysburg Schools. “Not only will the girls who participate grow from this experience, but this will have a lasting impact on our staff as well.”

PJHS facilitators are Tiffany Townsend and Allison Latella and HPI facilitators are Sara Jones and Liza Brown.

Student Spotlight
Joe Wright
4th grade
Frank Elementary School

Joe WrightJoe Wright is a 4th grader at Frank Elementary School. He is a great role model for his classmates and younger students in the school. Joe always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude, even when facing challenges. Joe follows the Jacket Way each and every day and is kind to his classmates and teachers. He supports others by using encouraging words, helping with classwork and ensuring others are included.

Joe is very active – he participates in football, basketball and baseball. He exhibits great teamwork not only in his favorite sports but at school too!

Joe has left a lasting impression on the teachers who have been fortunate to have him in class. His third grade teacher, Mrs. Nackowicz said: “Joe is such a polite young man who is prepared for each day. He always follows The Jacket Way and his work ethic is impeccable. When Joe works with his peers, he treats other students with respect and makes smart choices. He is a problem-solver who will persevere when faced with a difficult task! Joe is an athletic boy who has a passion to read about sports! He enjoys reading about all things nonfiction, he attacks math problems with excitement and he loves educational games! Joe also enjoys some healthy competition, as he is always a good sport. Frank is lucky to have such a hard-working leader who students can look up to each day.”

We’re so proud of you, Joe!

Employee Spotlight
Mr. Matt Ferguson
7th grade Social Studies Teacher
Perrysburg Junior High School

Matt FergusonLast spring, Mr. Matt Ferguson, PJHS 7th grade social studies teacher, applied for a grant program through the Fund for Teachers and the Martha Holding Jennings Foundation to travel to Germany this past summer to develop a better understanding of his social studies content by touring Germany’s “Luther Trail.” While touring the “Luther Trail” Mr. Ferguson further learned how Martin Luther challenged the Roman Catholic Church during the Renaissance. This was important as it assisted helping craft America’s democracy. The trip began in Frankfurt and went as far west as Berlin and also included stops in Eisleben, Erfurt and Wittenberg. Mr. Ferguson was able to experience the monastery where Luther contemplated many of his world-changing ideas.

Mr. Ferguson explained that he will use this trip to delve deeper into the content on the Reformation. The trip will allow Mr. Ferguson to create units of study where students contemplate issues that they feel need “reforming,” allowing the students to create ways to offer solutions for the communities that they live in, very much like Luther’s Reformation.

“Matt is a dedicated and conscientious teacher,” shared Principal Don Christie. “He goes above and beyond during the school day and outside the school day to be the best teacher he can be!”

To suggest a program, student or employee for an upcoming Spotlight, please contact Rachel Zickar at rzickar@perrysburgschools.net.

Posted Tuesday, October 1, 2019
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