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Students are presented each year with course options in a class meeting held during school. School counselors encourage students to consider their own pathway and future in making course selections. Resources available to all students and parents are the course selection guide, meetings with the counselor, and teacher input.  All students are encouraged to collect the most information in order to make the best decisions for their future. 

Course requests are collected in February for all current students via google doc and should be completed with parent approval. Changes to these requests are honored until May 1st. After that date, changes can not be made unless they meet the class withdrawal policy criteria. 

CLASS CHANGE/WITHDRAWAL POLICY  (Pg 26 Perrysburg High School Handbook
"Perrysburg High School does not allow any Elective Schedule Changes."

The only exceptions are for:
     *Computer schedule conflicts
     *Failure of a class/Completion of summer school 
     *CCP Schedule changes
     *Medical/emotional reasons
     *Change in a teacher’s recommendation - To request a change in core course placement , students and parents are directed to have a converstaion directly with the teacher first. If no agreement can be reached regarding a student's placement families are encouraged to set up a meeting with the principal. (Dr. Michael Short - 

In addition, requests for specific teachers, lunch periods, and/or courses offered during specific periods will not be honored. Students and parents are responsible for making sure that any schedule change does not impact athletic eligibility, NCAA eligibility, graduation status, and/or earning the honors diploma. If a student does not already have a study hall scheduled, and would like one, the student will be charged $15.00 for the schedule change. 

PE Waiver

Students can earn credit for the state’s graduation requirement of Physical Education by completing 2 seasons of a school sponsored extracurricular sport including Marching Band. Students must participate and successfully complete two seasons prior to the fall semester of their senior year to be eligible for the waiver. This also includes 2 semesters of Show Choir.
Students can not fulfill the graduation requirement with one season of sport/band/show choir with one semester (.25) of Physical education credit. 

Waivers are managed in the athletic department. There is no paperwork required of the student. To check on the status please contact your school counselor or Mrs. Veronica Guillen (

Please work with your school counselor throughout the year and during registration periods to be sure courses are selected in the best interest of the student.  

Registration Timeline 2020-2021

Anticipated Date: February 1, 2020:  PHS Registration Presentation Video

Anticipated Date: February 8 :  All Registration Forms GO LIVE!!!
Students complete their core registration in their classrooms and elective request (via googledoc in thier school email) at home with parent/guardian.

Feb 19:  Due Date. ALL course requests must be submitted by 3:00 p.m.

March 2-12:  Individual Meetings with counselors- Makeup

May 1: Deadline to make course request changes for courses in the Fall 2021.
Schedules can be picked up during 2021- 2022 Fall Registration 

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