Grading Policy and GPA

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Grading Policy & GPA

P. 23 -25 
Perrysburg High School is on a modified 4.0 grading scale. The 4.0 scale is modified to accommodate 4.5 Honors and 5.0
AP classes. Grades are reported to parents and students four times per year using a letter grade derived from the
percentage scale below. Interim reports are posted prior to the failing of a quarter or when a student is performing
significantly below ability.

Teachers may use a variety of methods to arrive at their evaluation of a student’s performance in the classroom. The
following percentages will be used to determine grades.

A 95.5 – 100                   C+ 77.5 – 81.4999                   D- 60.5 – 63.4999
A- 91.5 - 95.4999           C 73.5 – 77.4999                     F 0 – 60.4999
B+ 88.5 – 91.4999         C- 69.5 – 73.4999
B 85.5 – 88.4999           D+ 66.5 – 69.4999
B- 81.5 – 85.4999          D 63.5 – 66.4999

The accumulative GPA is maintained for each student for grades 9-12. The GPA is updated each semester and is figured
using the numeric value of the grade earned that semester on the modified 4.0 scale. Semester grades will be determined
by the following formula: 40% 1st quarter, 40% 2nd quarter, and 20% exam grade. The numeric value (see below in
parentheses) is multiplied by the credit to arrive at the quality points for each course. The total quality points are divided by
the total credits attempted to arrive at the GPA.
Pre-high school – Junior high students taking courses for high school credit will receive letter grades that will be
included in the high school GPA.

The value in parentheses is the value used for computing the GPA
Traditional Quality Points
Grade Numeric Value Grade Numeric Value
A (4.0)             C (2.0)
A- (3.7)            C- (1.7)
B+ (3.3)           D+ (1.3)
B (3.0)             D (1.0)
B- (2.7)            D- (0.7)
C+ (2.3)           F (0.0)

Honors Quality Points
Grade Numeric Value Grade Numeric Value
A (4.5)             C (2.0)
A- (4.2)            C- (1.7)
B+ (3.8)           D+ (1.3)
B (3.5)             D (1.0)
B- (3.2)            D- (0.7)
C+ (2.3)           F (0.0)

AP Quality Points
Grade Numeric Value Grade Numeric Value
A (5.0)             C (2.0)
A- (4.7)            C- (1.7)
B+ (4.3)           D+ (1.3)
B (4.0)             D (1.0)
B- (3.7)            D- (0.7)
C+ (2.3)           F (0.0)

PHS does not rank students in order of GPA. Students will be recognized as summa cum laude (4.0 and above), magna
cum laude (3.75-3.99), cum laude (3.50-3.74), honors (3.30-3.49), and recognition (3.00-3.48)

Val/Sal will be figured by using the Honors and AP Quality Points. A student will receive one ranking point for each
semester of an Honors or AP course taken. Ranking points will be deducted for each non-A semester grade in all classes
(.5 deducted for A-, 1.0 deducted for B+, 1.5 deducted for B, etc.). Other than Val/Sal, ranking is not calculated or reported.

Incomplete grades may be given for not completing requirements due to excused absences. Students with excused
absences normally must have all work completed in as many days after returning as missed. Tests and assignments
or the grade will be an “F,” unless the teacher determines there are extenuating circumstances. Students who fail to meet
course requirements due to unexcused absences or truancies will have their grade figured without the missing work. Newly
enrolled and/or home-schooled students who do not provide official school records will receive no credit. (See preplanned
absences for additional information.)
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