Exam Opt-Out Policy

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Exam Opt-Out Policy

P.23 - Please reach out to Mrs. Jackie Mohler with questions regarding attendance and eligibility . 

The Exam Opt Out policy has been established to encourage high standards in attendance and in academic performance
for students. Any and all absences apply to the Exam Opt Out criteria i.e. doctors’ notes, deaths in families, legal issues,
and trips. The only absences that will not affect the attendance/grade option will be certain school related activities,
college visitations, career visitations, and religious holidays.

Each semester all students may opt out of a total of 2 exams, one from the 2A criteria and one from the 2B criteria.**
            *2A Attendance/Grade Option:

            1. All students will be allowed 2 absences, for whatever reason, per semester. These 2 absences exclude
                college visitations, religious holidays, and school related activities. Doctor excuses are still required for
                attendance procedures per state law: however, the doctor excuses will not allow students to exceed
                the 2 absences per semester.
            2. Students must have at least a C- for both quarters in a class to be eligible for the attendance/grade
                 opt out option. 
            *2B Double A’s Option: Students who have an “A” each quarter in a course are eligible for the Double A Option.
            **Seniors second semester can opt-out of any exam in which they have an A or A- for both 3rd and 4th quarter.

            1. To opt out of an exam, a student may not have any office discipline issues, i.e. any disciplinary form filed in the office,
                  including the 4th tardy to school/class. Teacher detentions are not office detentions.
            2. A student must be in every class period for the entire class period.
            3. The exam in some courses is part of the required curriculum; therefore, students cannot opt out of this exam.
                  Moreover, an exam in one course may be a requirement for enrollment in a future course.

            NOTE: Opting out is at the discretion of the teacher and the PHS office will be responsible for providing the student
            attendance list at the end of each semester.
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